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Stress Related Absences:

For every $1 invested in preventing stress and injuries in the workplace, companies save an average of $3.4!  That is more than a 300% return on your investment. (Stats Canada)


Guaranteed attendance!

We have a step-by-step process we go through to guarantee high enrollment in our programs to make your experience simple and stress free.


Create more synergy within your organization by focusing on your teams personal development needs.


What do the Top 10 Companies to Work Have in Common

Top 10 Companies To Work For Have 3 Things In Common


It’s no surprise some of the company names listed as the top 10 companies to work for in 2017 are on this list, however you may be surprised at what these companies are doing that makes them the top companies to work for.

The top 1 0 companies to work for in North America are the following:

Google, Wegmans Food Markets, The Boston Consulting Group, Baird, Edward Jones, Genentech, Ultimate Software, Salesforce, Acuity, Quicken Loans.


What do these companies have in common? They put the health and well being of their employees first, and this is how they do just that and because of that they are attracting some of the most qualified people to fill their positions.


  1. Making their employees lives easier by offering complimentary onsite meals and snacks throughout the day, on site dry cleaning, fitness classes, and massage therapy, to name a few.
  2. They offer College Tuition Reimbursements which shows they care about the development and growth of each individual that works for them.
  3. They offer compressed work weeks to give their employees more time for family and friends.


Here are some more stats below to be more specific.

100% Offer Complimentary Snack and/or Meals At The Office

90% Offer Complimentary Regular On Site Fitness Classes

90% Offer College Tuition Reimbursements

80% Have Compressed Work Weeks

70% Offer Complimentary Dry Cleaning

If your company is ready to uplevel it’s culture and attract the right people, have them contact us and we’d be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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Reference: http://fortune.com/best-companies/google/

Why Your Wellness Program ISN’T Working

A lot of the companies will say they have a wellness program in place, however it’s usually just a fairy dust approach to corporate wellness program which is wasting your company’s money, time and effort. Below are reasons why your company’s program isn’t working, and why you need to make a change now.


  1. Nobody really knows about the Wellness Program your company is offering.

Chances are if your employees don’t really know about the program, it’s not actually a program. A lot of companies think that offering something here and there throughout the year like a hike, or an active day once a month is a program.  We’re here to tell you, it’s not!

A program is something that is offered regularly throughout the year and has been well designed for your team.   A program is something your team is encouraged to participate in on a weekly basis and rewards them for their efforts.


  1. The program you have in place is reactive.

Many companies have extended health coverage for Physio, Massage, and Acupuncture which is a perk, and at the same time is just reacting to people’s health needs.

In order to have a successful program, it needs to be pro-active and encourage people to be engaged and participating regularly.  If your company is solely focusing on treating physical injuries, stress, pain and illness, your organization is losing thousands and thousands of dollars a year.


  1. An employee or team in your office is responsible for the program, and it’s not their full time job.

These days, people have enough to do within their designated role at work, and by adding another “side” project like “office wellness coordinator” or manager is basically setting up this person, and your team for failure.  When it comes to having an effective wellness program that is saving you money and time long term, it’s essential that you hire a company who is experienced in this field, and can help you achieve your goals.


  1. Your company is stuck in a “Budget” mindset.

Your company either doesn’t have a budget for wellness program, or it’s very minimal.  Stepping outside of the “budget” mindset and thinking long term is important for seeing and receiving the benefits of running a successful program.

Switching from “budget” to “investment” thinking will keep your employees happy and healthy long term, which will save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars.   Long terms, companies can expect to save $3.4 per $1 invested in a well rounded pro active corporate wellness program long term.

Now, if you had the opportunity to see a 340% return on your investment wouldn’t it be silly not to?


If you’re ready to launch a high engagement wellness program at your workplace that is easy to implement, stress free, and will save you time and money, contact us now to book your complimentary consultation.


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Why Good Employees Leave

Let’s be honest, people aren’t leaving your organization because they want more money, they are leaving your organization for more personal reasons that they most likely didn’t share in their exit interview.

When you lose a good employee your entire team feels the weight, as everybody is picking up the slack, working more hours and wearing more “hats” to get what needs to be done complete by the end of the day. When someone leaves, your team feels the additional stress of mistakes, missing deadlines and just being out of flow in the office.

Here’s the thing… This is happening all the time at MOST companies, yes most companies. Most are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year because good employees are leaving and it’s affecting everyone you work with.


First let’s get clear on how your organization is suffering before we get into the why.

1) Losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in recruiting, errors, and training.

2) Your team is picking up the slack which is causing frustration, longer hours, and loss in team productivity

3) Your team is feeling stressed

4) Your company is missing deadlines, and it’s growth is being slowed down, or maybe lack of Employee Retention Programs.

5) It causes other team members to consider leaving as well, especially if their boss or someone they respect leaves causing the potential to lose more employees

Okay let’s get into why good employees leave


1) They don’t feel appreciated in the workplace for the work they do

Showing your team you appreciate them is one thing by saying thank you, and another is actually learning what their language of appreciation is and learning how to properly communicate that to them on a regular basis. It’s no surprise that people who feel appreciated are more likely to work harder than those who feel under appreciated. People are looking to work for a company that appreciates their work, and has a strong culture that resonates with the kind of lifestyle they want to lead.

If you aren’t in touch with your team’s needs, and don’t take the time or resources to put them first they won’t be as productive and may be considering looking for a job else where.


2) They don’t feel their boss or employer cares about their well being

No one likes to feel like they don’t have time to eat lunch, exercise or take proper care of their body, however many employees feel that their managers has unrealistic expectations of them and feel that they don’t care about their well being. One that that is common within all of the best employers to work for are the ones who have a solid pro-active employee wellness program that offers onsite classes for their employees.

Here’s the bonus for you too, when you have these kinds of offerings at work it not only shows them you care about their well being it shows to prospective employees your company is somewhere people want to work. This will not only attract more qualified employees your way, it will increase the productivity, mental clarity and health of your current employees saying your organization a lot of money long term.


3) They don’t feel that they have the opportunity to grow or be developed within the company

If you want your employees to stick around long term it’s essential to listen to what their goals are on a regular basis and do everything you can to help them achieve them.

I hear this all the time from people who are unhappy at their current employer or have recently left “ I was doing a lot of work outside of my role, and not being developed into doing what I originally joined the team to do”. If you’re not asking key questions about your employees goals and dreams, they will leave for a company that will.