Did you know?

Stress Related Absences:

For every $1 invested in preventing stress and injuries in the workplace, companies save an average of $3.4!  That is more than a 300% return on your investment. (Stats Canada)


Guaranteed attendance!

We have a step-by-step process we go through to guarantee high enrollment in our programs to make your experience simple and stress free.


Create more synergy within your organization by focusing on your teams personal development needs.


Yoga Rush FAQs

What does working with you look like?

We’ll sit down with someone on your HR team as well as in your health and safety department and look at your company’s numbers in regards to losses for stress leave, sick leave, and recruitment costs over the past few years. We’ll ask a series of questions to find out what’s missing in the wellness programs you’ve offered in the past, and find out how we can improve them to get the results you need. Together, we’ll create a 12-month wellness plan for your company and begin promoting it immediately.

How will we know if our team members will participate in your programs?

We’ll take the time to discover your specific needs, dates and times before implementing the program to ensure enrollment.

Upon gathering all relevant information we’re confident your team will attend regularly and love the classes we offer.

Are your classes’ spiritual or religious?

No. We don’t Om, chant, or push any beliefs in our classes.

What if we don’t have a fitness space?

Many of our clients don’t have a gym in their building, so we make space in one of their workrooms, entrance area, large hallways, or on work patios for hosting our classes. You’d be surprised at how little space your group needs to participate in our classes.

What props are needed for our sessions together?

Yoga mats, blocks, and straps. We can order large quantities of these products for you before our sessions begin and if you’d like we can bring up to 10 mats and straps for you for the first month together. After that we suggest investing in the items listed above for your team’s convenience as participation grows.

Our employees receive a corporate rate for the gym, how are your services different?

Although your employees may receive a corporate rate, there’s no incentive for your employees to go on their own time.  Not to mention, the average commute for people living in the Vancouver area is 66 minutes. Family responsibilities and other commitments often put their health on the back burner. Our classes are offered on site, an hour before work, lunch time, and right after work to make the sessions convenient for everyone. Offering our Wellness Programs will result in a dramatically higher attendance rate.

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