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Yoga Rush - Kollan

We contacted Yoga Rush as a leader for our annual company retreat as their unique background and skills would complement our journey. Our focus was on the individual's growth, realization of goals and vision and reflection for success.

Deidre went above and beyond what we could have expected. She was a thought leader and pushed the team into new direction, she opened the door and let us fill in the details. She participated from a genuine interest in our well-being and made a point to reach out to each individual person involved with the retreat.

Her business sense offered a unique pairing with her meditative practices and the body conscious yoga. With a group of individuals having a varying degree of physical fitness, her instruction was perfect as a nice balance between effort and relaxation. She led us through our moments of self-discovery and even organizing and moderating our vision and goals segment, the precipice of our retreat.

She journeyed along and added a tremendous value to the group as a whole, her focus on our mind state and our abilities were accentuated by her spectacular personality. Her guidance with respect to business was such a powerful element to have as a part of what we are as a company; it offered insights where there were blockers before and we know everyone had some amazing takeaways from her sessions. She even offered some interesting information to each and everyone of us by the end of the retreat in the form of a card, a really nice gesture, which showed she went above and beyond.

Deidre was an utter delight to work with and her finesse really adds the polish businesses need to make a lasting impact with their events. She is not someone to sit silently and let someone just "go through the motions" she has a genuine interest in the success of all individuals and of the business as a whole. Her insights and intuition led to some very interesting results and because of her we can say our retreat was a major success.

  • Sundeep

    On our recent corporate retreat, Yoga Rush provided our team with a loving, grounded and mindful foundation for our team to grow together. In conjunction with our workshops, Yoga Rush led our team through sessions of morning meditation, yoga, and dream visioning. These sessions were a tremendous contribution to each member of the team and really helped integrate the skills taught throughout the retreat. Through their compassion and fun loving nature, we were able to grow closer to one another and
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  • Andrea

    Deidre always gets an extremely warm reception when she comes to Vega. Everyone knows that although it’s called ‘Yoga’ it will not necessarily be leisurely and relaxing. I say this because we never leave her classes feeling anything less than a huge sense of accomplishment. For a tiny girl – she packs an extremely powerful punch!!! Her classes are challenging, but amazing! She takes a very fun loving approach to Yoga and although she wants everyone to get the most out
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